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My five favourite Web Comics

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Bit of a light-hearted post today. I enjoy reading web comics, and some are better than others. Some I can really enjoy and want to read every day, others I can come back to and just read whenever. Here are my five favourite web comics.

5. Max vs Max

Max vs Max was a great story line written by Wes Molebash. It started in November 2009 and ran until December 2010, and follows Max as he deals with life after a divorce. Great artwork, with a wonderful story, with a few spiritual issues thrown in as well. If you’ve got the time, it’s a great read.

Max vs Max. First comic: Back in the Saddle.

4. Questionable Content

This is an incredibly good comic, that I could very much read every day for the rest of my life. Although this is a bad comparison, it is similar to Friends – you’ve got a group of friends who all congregate around a coffee shop, and you get involved in various aspects of their lives. You get to know and love the characters, and can’t wait to see what happens next. The comic has been going since 2003, and they’re currently approaching their 2000th comic, so there’s plenty to read and catch up on. Do it. It’s worth it.

Questionable Content. First comic: Employment sucks.

3. PC Weenies

I have the proud honour of owning the first PC Weenies book in Australia. I bought it because I love this comic series. Krishna has created an awesome character in Bob, who’s a tech guy working at “the mysterious Footle, the world’s largest search engine” and is obsessed with gadgets. I love the way that he so often captures the “I can’t believe you just said that” moment. He’s just about to publish his second book, so start getting familiar with characters now, just in time to buy the book!

PC Weenies. First comic: A New Beginning

2. PvP

PvP focusses on the team at a gaming magazine, specifically Brent, the sunglasses wearing, Mac adoring graphic designer. Having been around since 1998, there’s plenty to read here. It’s a great comic, lots of fun to read, and always interesting. The story tends to run from strip to strip, so might be worth going back a few comics to get yourself acquainted.

PvP. First comic: May 4, 1998.


XKCD would have to be my favourite webcomic. It’s very much geek humour, but there’s a lot there for everyone. The artwork isn’t “great” – it’s just stick figures – but that’s part of its appeal. The best part about XKCD is that the Tool-tip text is sometimes funnier than the comic itself. Make sure you read it – just hover your mouse over the comic.

XKCD. First Comic: Barrel – Part 1.

So there’s my top 5 web comics. What are your favourites?

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Having Coffee with the Phantom

The Phantom
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If I were to bring any fictional character to life, I would love to have coffee with The Phantom, The Ghost who Walks. I’ve been a big fan of The Phantom for a long time, and used to have a large collection of Phantom comics (sadly, I got rid of them when I moved out of home). One of my favourite types of stories in the comics were the historical stories, where we’re read of the Phantoms of the past. I especially loved the stories when one of the previous Phantoms got involved in a historical event, such as the declaration of independence, or the Guy Fawkes story line. If I could bring anyone back, I would love to sit and have coffee (though he’d probably have a tea of some sort, I suspect), and go through the Phantom archives, hearing all the different stories of The Phantom.

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