Don’t get stuck in the room

There may be some people who feel like we need to do like the disciples and just stay in our safe place for a while. To stay within our building and to allow ourselves time to work out what has happened. I want to say to you what Jesus said to his disciples – “As the father sent me, so I send you.”

It would be a mistake of us to feel like this building is going to bring people in. Sure, it might. There will probably be a few people who will want to come in and have a stickybeak. But let me tell you that this building isn’t going to turn sticky beaks into Christians. And once the newness of the building wears off, and the sticky beaks have come and gone, how will we be meeting the mission of God?

Packing and moving

We got back into classes today, with our first distinctive being a meeting with Kent, the company that moves all the Salvation Army officers each year. Today was just an initial meeting, as well as delivering some boxes. I also had rehearsal for the praise and worship band, and my final Greek exam. I’ve now… Continue reading Packing and moving

Welcome at church?

Today, we had an “Observation Sunday” which is where we go to a different church, to observe worship there. This is a great idea, as we get ideas on how other people structure their services, buildings, morning tea, etc. But as with all things, you can often learn what not to do. Today’s experience had… Continue reading Welcome at church?

What does God want you to do today?

Another study day today, more Greek, and some house work. Nothing overly exciting, except that I took Liesl out for lunch as she’s finished all her assignments. Something in prayers this morning hit me quite hard. We had a question to guide our thoughts, which was “What does God want you to do today?”

Commissioning countdown – study and review

Well, we’ve finished out placement at Waverley, which means we’re officially into our final countdown to commissioning. Including today, there are 28 days until commissioning. I thought that as a little outlet for me – and as an insight for everyone outside of the college – I would share what’s happening as the disciples of… Continue reading Commissioning countdown – study and review