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Do I look as old as I feel?

Age has always been a funny thing for me. I’ve always felt a bit older than I actually was. Perhaps it was my time as a preachers kid, when my parents were ministers of a (to be honest) mostly elderly congregation. I would get to know them, and would relate well to them, even though I was only a kid.

Perhaps it’s my group of mates, who were all two years older than me – yet I fitted in with them like I was the same as them (to the point where they often forget that I’m younger than them).

Either way, I think it’s been good for me to be able to relate well with those that are older than me. It opens up opportunities, it helps with work (as I think I’m one of the youngest people in most offices that I work in), and it just works well.

That said, I have enjoyed having younger friends in recent times. Liesl’s friends are all a couple of years younger than me. And while sometimes they want to go clubbing when I’m kind of over that phase of my life, I think that it is good for me (and everyone) to have friends of all ages.

So while I’ve never lied about my age (never even tried to buy alcohol before I was 18 – which made me annoyed when I did and they didn’t check my id), I believe many have thought that I was older than I actually am.

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