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Golf weeks 4 and 5

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I forgot to write last week so I’m including it in this weeks post. I went to Hamersley Golf course and played 9 holes with my dad and uncle david (on my wife’s side – I have to say that because I also have an Uncle David on both my mum and my dad’s side). I shot a bit better than my last round – if you remember while I 2-putted every hole at Marangaroo, I didn’t hit a fairway off the tee. This round, I hit one third of them, a slight improvement, which saw me saving 4 strokes on my previous round, scoring 62. Consistency is still the big issue, sometimes I’ll hit it straight, other times it’s horrible. Hit a great drive on the 8th, however I pushed it and it ended up landing on the edge of the driving range. Had a shocker on the 9th, after hitting it behind the fence on the driving range (drop for recovery, no penalty), I missed the green, but shot a beautiful lob wedge at full swing to land just shy of the hole – an easy 1 putt to finish.

So that was last week. This week, I’m back at Wembley, on the driving range. One of the things I wanted to work on last week was my 3 iron from the fairway. There was a par 5 at Hamersley that while all my shots we straight, they had no distance on them. Ended up taking 3 or 4 3-iron shots before I was in range to use my 5-iron. So today I made sure to hit a good number of strokes from the grass with my 3 and 5 irons, and my 5 wood. They weren’t great, but there were a few good ones in there, so if I can just remember what I did for those when I get out on the course next week, I’ll hopefully be doing a bit better, and be able to save a few more shots.

Next week, I’m playing a round at Embleton golf course, a tight little 9 hole course of par 3’s and 4’s. Because of this, it has a par score of 32, as opposed to the usual 36. So for me to improve my score, I’m going to go up against my par score from Hamersley – plus 26, or a stroke score of 58. Embleton is a very different course than Hamersley or Marangaroo – no bush to speak of, the rough is actually very clear, so there shouldn’t be any lost balls… I hope…

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Golf week 3


Well I’m writing this again sitting at Wembley Golf course. I’ve done an hour’s practice already, on the putting green and chipping. I’m waiting for the driving range to open at 9am. Silly me for not checking that the opening hours aren’t the same on a Friday as opposed to a Saturday (last time I was here). Guess it just felt like a Saturday to me.

Last week I shot a 66 on the course at Marangaroo. I’ve decided that from that round, I want to set myself a goal of saving 20 shots over the round. That would give me a round of +10 over 9 holes, or an average of just over a bogey each hole. If I can get down to that I’ll be quite happy. In order to achieve that, I need to be more consistent in my hitting. My putting last round was excellent – averaging under 2 putts per hole, and only 3 putting once. However, I didn’t hit one fairway off the tee. If I’m to get to my goal, I need to be hitting the fairways.

So that’s why I’ve decided to stick around, take this break and wait for the driving range to open. I need to work on my swing so that I’m consistent, and can hit the fairways.

I’m also going to play a round every fortnight, at different courses around Perth. While the driving range is great, there’s not the limiting factor of where the fairway is, and the rough around it. Plus, by playing a round regularly, I’ll be testing all parts of my game, and getting some good exercise at the same time. Next weekend I’m playing a round at Hammersley, and I’m also looking forward to playing at Embleton, Burswood and here at Wembley (two courses here for me to play on too).

So another 20 mins until the range opens. I’ll have a bit of a browse on the internet on my phone, and maybe have a browse in the pro shop. I don’t need anything, but it’s always nice to look.

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Golf Week 2

The strangest thing happened this week. My wife told me to go play golf on Friday. Her friend’s boyfriend was looking to play a round at Marangaroo, and I was only looking to do some practice so I hadn’t responded, but my dearest wife managed to convince me otherwise.

I popped out to the driving range at Marangaroo before my round, and started my practice just as last week. Having to put a tee down each time quickly got annoying (compared with the automatic range at Wembley) but I survived. Was hitting a number fairly straight, but there were still a large number of hits going all over the place.

My round was a lot better than a fortnight ago. First of all, I shot 66 compared with 71, saving 5 shots over the round. The big improvement was in my putting – I managed to two putt or less on all bar one hole, so that my average number of putts was less than two. That goes a big way to saving shots over the course.

However, my shots were still all over the place – not once did I hit the fairway from the tee. So that’s something that I’ll need to work on. But overall I’m very happy with how I played, but I just need to keep going on the improvement areas.

I think I’ll start trying to get out on the course every fortnight, so that I can see how my practice is actually going.

Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year,

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Golf Practice day 1


A Photo of the driving range at Wembley Golf Complex
The Driving range at Wembley Golf Complex

I’m writing this from the Wembley Golf Complex. This is my first time here, and it looks incredible, especially for a public golf course. It boasts a modern 30 bay automated driving range, large spacious pro shop, tavern and two courses.


I’m here because I’ve decided that I want to get better at golf. I played a round last week with my dad and a friend, and I wasn’t great. I highlighted two things that I need to improve in. Continue reading Golf Practice day 1