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Book Review: The Church of Facebook by Jesse Rice

When I initially bought this book, I thought it was going to be a really useful book with tips on how to use Facebook effectively in a church environment. It wasn’t anywhere near my expectations, but that’s more a comment on me not reading the blurb properly than it is on the book.

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Not a Booksneeze blogger

Looking forward to diving into this - thanks t...I came across this service, Booksneeze, the other day. It looked like a great idea. They send out books to bloggers, the bloggers review the book, publish a review and copy it to a site such as Amazon, and then get to do what they want with the book.

Thinking this would be a great little addition to my website, I applied. I looked through the website just to check any details, couldn’t find any reason as to why I wouldn’t get approved. As part of the application process, they ask what country you’re from, which makes sense because they’d need to send out the book to you and would need to know the address.

So I applied, and waited for my approval. Continue reading Not a Booksneeze blogger

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How Facebook did its own thing, and listened to its users

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A little while ago, Facebook introduced its new chat sidebar. As part of a whole raft of other changes, this was the most visible. It changed the chat pop-up box to a sidebar that could be permanently attached to the right hand side of the page and contained a selection of users that you interacted with the most, whether they were online or not. As with most of the changes that Facebook makes, there was a large outcry from Facebook users saying that it was an awful decision.

Now I generally have liked most of Facebook’s changes, but it seems to me that there is no logical benefit for this change. But knowing that Facebook does what it does, I went about learning to¬† live with it.

Now it seems that Facebook has listened to its users, and modified the changes it made. Now, instead of showing just a selection, there is now a link at the bottom of the chat sidebar which says “More Online Friends” and clicking on that will jump the chat sidebar down to show you more friends that are currently online. You can also now scroll manually the sidebar which is a great addition.

This is something that anyone who is in business should take note of. You should always look at ways to improve your product, and when you do make changes you should stick to your guns. However, when there is an outcry against it, look at why there are complaints and see if there is a way to modify your changes to update your product to be what the user wants as well.

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My favourite way to start my day

A photo of a cup of coffee.
I prefer my coffee with milk. (Image via Wikipedia)

This prompt, What’s your favourite way to start your day, is provided by Plinky.

I’m an early riser, getting up at 6am each morning. Part of this is because I’ve always been an early riser, part because I like to have time in the morning to properly wake up. I describe myself as an early riser, late starter.

In the morning, I like to have my breakfast and coffee. Breakfast consists of two crushed wheet-bix, with muesli. The coffee I have at the moment is a Harris Columbia blend that’s UTZ certified. It’s a bit stronger than the coffee my parents generally buy, but I like it strong.
I’ll generally watch tv while I’m having breakfast, usually Sunrise so I can stay in the loop of the main news stories, or sometimes a show that I’ve recorded, such as media watch.
After breakfast, if there’s time, I’ll check Facebook or my blogs, then iron my shirt have a shower then head to work. On the way to work (I catch public transport), I write a blog post of some kind, nothing fancy, as I’ll use my lunch break to clean it up and look good. When I get to work, the first thing I do is turn the computer on, then make myself a hot drink to start the day with.

That’s how I start my day, how do you start yours?

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Keepin’ it fresh

I have had this website since 2006. I have posts on this website since 2007. That’s a fair time to be blogging. Now, admittedly, I haven’t been a regular poster. I have around 250 posts published (at the time this post was published), which is an average of under a post a week. So I’m not exactly a blogging professional, and I’m probably not the sort of guy you should be looking to advice. But you are, so I’ll tell you what I know. Continue reading Keepin’ it fresh

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How I use my website

I though that with the new layout, new posting regime and such, I would post a bit about how I plan to use my blog over the next six months – and possibly into the future.

Essentially, there will be three types of posts: daily posts, feature posts, and other.

Daily Posts

The post a day 2011 challenge promotes writing on your blog every day. As help, they provide daily prompts. Often, they are very simple questions, and wide-ranging so unlikely to fit to any blogs particular niche. But they often make you think about questions you may not have thought about before, and can sometimes provoke debate on some issues, so I shall endeavour to post one of these daily.

Feature posts

As this theme has the capability for feature posts, I plan to utilise these to their fullest. I don’t want a blog that is only posts about me, so these feature posts will be a bit longer, and look at particular issues in more depth. I might look at things to do with social networking, websites, or post some religious thoughts. Either way, I look forward to shaping.g these posts out over the course of a week, as opposed to the churn them out daily posts.

Other posts

This theme also makes use of other post types – aside, links, quotes, photos – so I’m going to try post some of these as well – bible passages I like, quotes from books or blogs, photos that I might take, and more.

So I hope I don’t annoy you with extra content, but I hope that it will provide a few gems for you.

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Social Networking to further Ministry

Running late with today’s post, as I was seriously busy today. Slept in after watching the announcement of Linda Bond as the Salvation Army’s next General, and then busy busy busy at work. Spent the morning preparing a social networking forum that was presented at work at lunch time, and then the afternoon was spent catching up with work. I’ve still got a bit more to catch up with, but we’ll see how we go. But for now, here are the notes that I started with when I got to work. I added in a bit – and I’ll add them in tomorrow, but for today, here’s what I was talking on. But for now, here’s my notes from the forum that I presented at work. Continue reading Social Networking to further Ministry

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Over my life so far, I have had the opportunity to make friends in very different situations. From the various primary schools, high schools, university, church and now work, I’ve got lots of friends. My Facebook (which is the way to show how many friends you have) has 620 friends, and I am proud to say that I have a personal connection with most of them. There’s a couple that I’ve only met online (mostly through my time on, which I was a regular for a number of years), but most of them I have met in one form or another through my life.

I’m also glad that through all these different places, I still keep in touch with a number of my friends. There are some that were friends for a while, but we’ve since lost touch. For example, one of my first mates from Pre Primary I now no longer see or really talk to, while I’ve renewed a friendship just recently with another primary school friend after moving close to him.

But there have also been those that are in the close group of friends that I see regularly. Since meeting these guys at church from around when I was in year 8, we’ve been close ever since. When they got their licences when I was in year 10, weekends would often end up with them coming around and us going for a random drive somewhere. I remember driving all over Perth with these guys delivering invitations because we thought it would be cheaper. It was memorable especially after coming down a steep hill and our driver poured stale coke on the brakes to cool them down. Wasn’t a great idea, but those brakes had fantastic grip for years to come.

See, friends aren’t just those guys you hang out with regularly. Friends are the ones who are there when memories are made. Friends are the guys who make the memories. Friends are not the guys who bail you out when you get in trouble, there the ones who are sitting there saying “Well, this sucks, but it was so totally worth it!”

To all my friends, big and small, who have made an impact on my life over the years, thanks. You’re totally awesome.

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