Well, I better have a Well-Being Plan

I’ve practically finished my first week of orientation at the Training College. We’ve had a lot of different orientations – to uniform, to education, to prayer and more. Yesterday, we had a session called “Coping with Change”. We have all had to go through a big change in order to come to the Training College….

2011 – ever looking forward

I’m really excited about this year. There are lots of exciting things happening in my life. Lots of things that my wife and I have planned. For example, we have a couple of holidays that we’re looking forward to. We’re going to go to Margaret River for a weekend to see Michael BublĂ©, and we’re…

The Puzzle of our lives

This title is directly ripped off a post by Jason Heath, who in turn directly ripped it off an article by Doug Yeo. They are both well worth a read.

How to walk through Steel-Reinforced Walls

From the Avanoo founders, and thanks to StumbleUpon, I discovered How to Walk Through Steel-Reinforced Walls. While sitting in a coffee shop, this guy decided that instead of teaching a little boy who was trying to walk through walls like Harry Potter that it couldn’t be done, he thought to foster his imagination. He took…