Two Hackers play the World’s Longest Golf Course

In March 2020, my Dad and I drove from Victoria to WA, and along the way, we played the world’s longest golf course – the Nullabor Links, spanning over 1400kms from Ceduna, South Australia to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

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Well, I better have a Well-Being Plan

I’ve practically finished my first week of orientation at the Training College. We’ve had a lot of different orientations – to uniform, to education, to prayer and more. Yesterday, we had a session called “Coping with Change”. We have all had to go through a big change in order to come to the Training College.… Continue reading Well, I better have a Well-Being Plan

Learn to Overshoot, then bring it back

I played a round of Golf a little while ago with a couple of mates. We’re all not very good, but we’re trying. Sometimes very trying. As we were going, I observed some of my friends shots. The issue I saw was that they were afraid of going too far, or thought that their shots… Continue reading Learn to Overshoot, then bring it back

Cleveland clubs heading my way

Today I went off to Marangaroo Golf Course to treat myself – to get fitted for a new set of golf clubs. Having properly fitted clubs will help my game a great deal. I met with Ross, who guided me through the process. We started off with a discussion of the process, and how we… Continue reading Cleveland clubs heading my way

The Masters Masters

The masters began today. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were invited to hit the first drives of this seventy-fifth US Masters.seeing these greats that still have it makes me want to get back out on the course. I’ve got my birthday party tomorrow, we’re going Supa golfing. Then hopefully next week I’ll not only get… Continue reading The Masters Masters

Don’t try so hard!

I played a round of golf on Monday, as I had a morning off from work. The first couple of holes weren’t great, until I started telling myself not to try so hard. See, when I tried hard, the extra power would put my technique all off, and my shots would either be really short,… Continue reading Don’t try so hard!

The price of a relationship

I’m cheating a little bit. I forgot to write my post yesterday, so I’m writing it today, and using the date stamp feature in WordPress to make it appear that I posted it yesterday. But I don’t want to lie to you so I’m telling you the truth now. Anyway, yesterday I went to the… Continue reading The price of a relationship