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Brighten (and organise) your Google Calendar!

I’ve been in orientation this week for my course, and one of the lectures has been on time management. I’m really wanting to make sure I get organised and ensure that I make good use of my time (especially as there is often limited time), so I’m wanting to make full use of the resources available to me.

I’ve been using Google Calendar for a while now, which is especially awesome as it now sync’s with my phone. However, with everything looking the same, I longed for the ability to look at my week and quickly glance what was class time, what was study time, when assignments were due, and – importantly – when my “personal” time was – the time where I could go and practice my violin, play a game on my computer, or squeeze in a round of golf. Continue reading Brighten (and organise) your Google Calendar!

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How I use my website

I though that with the new layout, new posting regime and such, I would post a bit about how I plan to use my blog over the next six months – and possibly into the future.

Essentially, there will be three types of posts: daily posts, feature posts, and other.

Daily Posts

The post a day 2011 challenge promotes writing on your blog every day. As help, they provide daily prompts. Often, they are very simple questions, and wide-ranging so unlikely to fit to any blogs particular niche. But they often make you think about questions you may not have thought about before, and can sometimes provoke debate on some issues, so I shall endeavour to post one of these daily.

Feature posts

As this theme has the capability for feature posts, I plan to utilise these to their fullest. I don’t want a blog that is only posts about me, so these feature posts will be a bit longer, and look at particular issues in more depth. I might look at things to do with social networking, websites, or post some religious thoughts. Either way, I look forward to shaping.g these posts out over the course of a week, as opposed to the churn them out daily posts.

Other posts

This theme also makes use of other post types – aside, links, quotes, photos – so I’m going to try post some of these as well – bible passages I like, quotes from books or blogs, photos that I might take, and more.

So I hope I don’t annoy you with extra content, but I hope that it will provide a few gems for you.