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Archive 3

Most important thing I did in 2010

I did a lot of important things this year. From becoming a Senior Soldier in the Salvation Army, and starting the application process towards becoming a Salvation Army Officer, getting a job and starting working essentially full time (across three jobs), moving out of home, and probably most importantly of all – getting married. It was a wonderful day in […]

Archive 0

God Forgets

I’ve been reading my bible again, and going through the book of Job. I’d gone into this book with the assumption of knowing what happens. Job, an upstanding and outstanding man of God, is tested by God and Satan, when Satan causes a whole heap of bad stuff to happen to him. Job goes on a kind of “Woe is […]

Archive 1

Good things come to those who wait…

… And I’ve waited a long time, so great things are happening to me. I’m sitting in Soto espresso, a coffee shop in Perth, drinking a coffee that tastes fantastic. Actually, it would probably taste fantastic if they served me international roast, I’m feeling that good at the moment. Well, maybe not. International Roast is horrible. Anyway, I’ve had a […]