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Happy New Year?

As I viewed the multitude of Happy New Year posts, and posts reflecting on our years, I noticed a bit of a trend. A lot of people were commenting on how this year was really tough. And you know what, I hear that. Liesl and I have had a really tough year, a trial by fire if you will into the world of officership. It certainly says something when both your Divisional Secretary and Divisional Commander both say that we’ve experienced more in our first year of officership than many experience in their career. But as I thought on it, I wondered whether I really had a tough year.

I think of those who have it a lot tougher than me, like the Families of the 30,000 children who die every day from starvation.

I think of the Asylum Seekers who have been locked up indefinitely with no idea of when things will change.

I think of Peter Greece and his colleagues, who has been locked up in Egypt, only for doing his job of reporting the news in a fair and balanced way.

I think of those in Australia whose benefits are being stripped away simply for the sake of improving an economy that is already the envy of many others in the world.

I think of the number of people who are forcibly displaced from their home every year (in 2013 it was over 50 million).

Within the posts on Facebook lamenting their tough year, they would always be looking forward to a great 2015, that things were going to change and this year would be a lot better. While I agree with the sentiment, my prayer, my hope is that 2015 might be the year that we treat all people with love and respect, and start changing some of the depressing and oppressive situations mentioned above.

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Golf Week 2

The strangest thing happened this week. My wife told me to go play golf on Friday. Her friend’s boyfriend was looking to play a round at Marangaroo, and I was only looking to do some practice so I hadn’t responded, but my dearest wife managed to convince me otherwise.

I popped out to the driving range at Marangaroo before my round, and started my practice just as last week. Having to put a tee down each time quickly got annoying (compared with the automatic range at Wembley) but I survived. Was hitting a number fairly straight, but there were still a large number of hits going all over the place.

My round was a lot better than a fortnight ago. First of all, I shot 66 compared with 71, saving 5 shots over the round. The big improvement was in my putting – I managed to two putt or less on all bar one hole, so that my average number of putts was less than two. That goes a big way to saving shots over the course.

However, my shots were still all over the place – not once did I hit the fairway from the tee. So that’s something that I’ll need to work on. But overall I’m very happy with how I played, but I just need to keep going on the improvement areas.

I think I’ll start trying to get out on the course every fortnight, so that I can see how my practice is actually going.

Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year,