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Not good, but not bad

Shane Warne. At the WACA gound on 15/10/2006 P...
Least trusted person in Australia? (Image via Wikipedia)

I want to write today about a story that has been in the News the last couple of days. Reader’s Digest published their list of the 100 most trusted people in Australia, and the person who came in position 100, Shane Warne, has been labelled the Least trusted celebrity in Australia.

Now, I’m sure Warnie doesn’t need me to go in to bat for him, but I’m not a fan of this misreporting that has been occurring. While Warne is the least trusted celebrity in this list, there are plenty of well-known celebrities who did not make the list. Just because he came last in the list, doesn’t make him the least. Continue reading Not good, but not bad

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The Death Penalty

My mind has been taken up with the issue of the death penalty for the last little while. It has obviously come about as a result of the reports of the death by execution of the 3 “Bali Bombers.” The problem I have been having comes in two parts – what does my Christian faith say about it, and why did the Australian Government wait until after their execution to say that they will push for an international moratorium on the death penalty? Continue reading The Death Penalty