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How Facebook did its own thing, and listened to its users

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A little while ago, Facebook introduced its new chat sidebar. As part of a whole raft of other changes, this was the most visible. It changed the chat pop-up box to a sidebar that could be permanently attached to the right hand side of the page and contained a selection of users that you interacted with the most, whether they were online or not. As with most of the changes that Facebook makes, there was a large outcry from Facebook users saying that it was an awful decision.

Now I generally have liked most of Facebook’s changes, but it seems to me that there is no logical benefit for this change. But knowing that Facebook does what it does, I went about learning to  live with it.

Now it seems that Facebook has listened to its users, and modified the changes it made. Now, instead of showing just a selection, there is now a link at the bottom of the chat sidebar which says “More Online Friends” and clicking on that will jump the chat sidebar down to show you more friends that are currently online. You can also now scroll manually the sidebar which is a great addition.

This is something that anyone who is in business should take note of. You should always look at ways to improve your product, and when you do make changes you should stick to your guns. However, when there is an outcry against it, look at why there are complaints and see if there is a way to modify your changes to update your product to be what the user wants as well.

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Can a camera capture a moment in time?

This camera shot captures a beautiful moment in time, the spray most likely never being exactly like that ever again.

This topic suggestion, Can a camera truly capture a moment in time?, is from The Daily Post as part of the Post-a-day writing challenge.

Despite being a fantastic question, with many philosophical possibilities and questions, I had to write on this topic, because it was suggested by Leonard Nimoy, who for those who don’t know is most famous for his work in my favourite show – Star Trek – as Mr Spock, who tweeted:!/LeonardNimoy/status/1150300359

Now, I think this is more kind of getting into the realm of philosophy and I’m not really a philosopher, but I’ll give it a try.

The pure joy in this persons face as their birthday cake is brought out is captured here in this moment of time

I think that a camera can capture a moment in time, even though it cannot capture itself. Why? Because a moment in time I think doesn’t have to be a 360° 4-dimensional representation. A camera has the ability to capture incredible moments in time that sometimes can truly reflect a beautiful moment in time.

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