On This Day – January 18

Today we look at an army officer and a teacher of fortifications, a Russian of French and Lithuanian descent. No, I haven’t gone crazy, as he has particular significance in the history of music, being both a composer and music critic, and one of the members of The Five, or the mighty handful. He is…

On This Day – January 16

Today we look at a French composer of ballets, operas and other works for stage, who is most well known for the British Airlines advertisement. Léo Delibes, died on this day in 1891.

On This Day – January 14

Today we return to the world of Opera, and look at one of the staples of the genre. This dramatic 3-act opera appears as number 8 in Opera America’s 20 most-performed Operas. Giacomo Puccini’s Tosca, premiered on this day in 1900.

On This Day – January 3

Continuing on in the Opera tradition, today we look at an opera buffa or comic opera. One of the last operas composed by this composer, it returns to the stock characters of the commedia dell’arte. Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, premiered on this day in 1843.

On This Day – January 2

Today we look at an opera that shows early attempts of the styles that would characterise the composers later works. Inspired through a stormy sea crossing, and a retelling by Heinrich Heine in a satirical novel "The Memoirs of Mister von Scnabelewopski" this opera focusses on a ship captain, condemned to sail until Judgement Day….

On This Day… October 25

Today we look at a French pianist and composer, who is most famous for his opera Carmen. Georges Bizet, born on this day in 1838.

On This Day… October 10

Today we look at one of the Romantic period’s most influential composers of opera. He wrote classics such as Rigoletto, Nabucco, La Traviata and Aida. Giuseppe Verdi, born on this day in 1813

On This Day… October 6

Today we look at a pivotal moment in music history, the beginning of the baroque. On October 6, 1600, Jacopo Peri’s opera Euridice was premiered. This is the earliest known surviving opera, and is used by many historians to mark the beginning of the Baroque period.

On this day… 30 September

Well, there’s nothing else that I could possibly write about for today. We’re going back to 1791, notable for being the last year of Mozart’s life. However, his death doesn’t come until December (and we will cover it then), but today it is the premiere of his last opera, The Magic Flute.