Five things I love about Australia

This prompt, List five things you love about your culture, is provided by Plinky. I love Australia, and there is no-where else on earth that I would rather live. Sure, there are places I would love to visit, but as the song says: no matter how far or how wide I roam, I still call… Continue reading Five things I love about Australia

The power station that was

This prompt, Old, abandoned buildings: cool or creepy?, is provided by Plinky. On of my favourite old abandoned buildings around Perth is the old East Perth Power Station. Located on the river, just north of the Graham Farmer Freeway, for a while it has sat there abandoned, not doing anything. There was a plan to… Continue reading The power station that was

My favourite road trip

This prompt, Describe the longest road trip you’ve taken, is provided by Plinky. I’ve also been inspired by The Daily Post prompt, Planes, trains or automobiles? What is your favorite way to travel 500 miles? My favourite road trip is to the Southern City of Albany. Albany is a wonderful town that my family have… Continue reading My favourite road trip

Money and Happiness

This prompt, Do you think money can buy happiness?, is provided by Plinky. My wife and I have been listening to a Casting Crowns album recently while we’ve been driving in the car. One song that’s got me thinking just recently is this song, American Dream. It could just as well be titled “Australian Dream”… Continue reading Money and Happiness

My favourite way to start my day

This prompt, What’s your favourite way to start your day, is provided by Plinky. I’m an early riser, getting up at 6am each morning. Part of this is because I’ve always been an early riser, part because I like to have time in the morning to properly wake up. I describe myself as an early… Continue reading My favourite way to start my day

What I do when I can’t think of what to write

Writing a post every day can be pretty tough. When I can’t think of what to write on my blog, there’s a number of places that I go to get inspiration. Daily Post. The Daily Post issued the challenge to write a blog post every day of 2011. They support this by posting a prompt… Continue reading What I do when I can’t think of what to write

In Memoriam: Who I miss and who I’ll miss

I’m dispensing with today’s two Daily Post Prompts because the first one is similar to one I’ve already written on in this Challenge, and I’m not particularly interested in the second. So I popped into Plinky to take a look at some of their prompts, and one caught my eye: Which pop culture icon’s unexpected… Continue reading In Memoriam: Who I miss and who I’ll miss

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