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Run the Race with Endurance

As has been my tradition, every sermon that I preach will be posted here. This sermon, Run the Race with Endurance, was given at The Salvation Army Rochester on Sunday 14 August, 2016. The Reading was Galatians 1:11-24.

The final lap

Right about now, the 10,000m race is underway at the Rio Olympics. Now, when I say 10,000m it seems like it’s a really long race. And as I was preparing for this message, and I looked up to see when these various running races would be on, I saw the 10,000m and thought “wow, that’s really long.” And then I realised – wait, that’s just a 10km. What I would do in about an hour. Then I looked at the time they’ve allowed for it, and saw that they’ve allowed half an hour. Which means that the athletes will be completing the 10km in less time than it takes me to run 5km. I better get back on the training track.

I enjoy running. When I can get out, I love to go for a run, and a bit of a long run as well every now and then. But it hasn’t always been that way. I really only started running at college, running around Princes Park. I started with what’s known as a the Couch to 5k, which is designed to get a couch bound person to running 5kms in half an hour. So I did that. Then I started reaching towards 10kms. And I set myself a goal of completing a fun run that year, which I did with the 2012 City to Sea, a 14km fun run from the Melbourne Arts Centre to St Kilda. And then I did it the year after, in 2013, with some more friends. Then in 2014, I started going to Parkrun in Devonport, a weekly timed 5km run. And I did the City to Sea again that year. And I really enjoy it.

One thing I love about the fun runs and Parkruns as well is the finish line. More so for the Parkruns, but with the Fun Run’s as well, when you get to the finish line, there are always competitors around who are cheering you on, encouraging you to the finish. Encouraging you to finish well. To strive for that line, to pick up that extra second with a bit of extra effort. It focusses you onto what your focus should be – crossing that finish line. Continue reading Run the Race with Endurance

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Yesterday, I experienced something that I haven’t experienced for a long time. Teasing. It came out of the blue. Or actually… the black commodore.

I had arrived back from a buck’s event, and no-one was home and I didn’t have a key. As I was in my sports gear, I decided that I might as well use the time to go for a run. I’m running along Walter Road East, and that’s when it happened. A guy in a black commodore drove past from behind me and yelled out these two words.

“Still Fat!”

My first reaction was that of anger and being offended. I was thinking to myself, “How sad is that guy’s life that he feels the need to tease, to demoralise, someone who he doesn’t even know?” I couldn’t believe it.

As I went along, I quickly moved to prayer. I asked God to bless this guy with the gift of encouragement. So that instead of yelling out obscenities to random people, he would encourage them as he drives past.

Finally, I used it as a piece of encouragement for myself. In stead of focusing on the bad, I chose to focus on the letters, and put my words to them. While yes, I may be “still fat” I am making changes. I can currently run for 5km straight, and by the end of the year I plan to be running 10km. I will reach my goal weight, and no longer be “still fat.” Instead, I will be “still faithful.” Through it all, it is my God who empowers me to do all things. It is God who enables me to fight the good fight, to finish the race and to keep the faith (2 Timothy 4:7).

Who knows, maybe when I reach my goal weight, I might get “S.F” as a tattoo somewhere to remind me that I am still faithful. But probably not. I’ve never really wanted a tattoo. But the idea is good.