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The price of a relationship

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I’m cheating a little bit. I forgot to write my post yesterday, so I’m writing it today, and using the date stamp feature in WordPress to make it appear that I posted it yesterday. But I don’t want to lie to you so I’m telling you the truth now.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the driving range, as I am attempting to get myself better at golf. One of the things I’m going to do is save up and buy myself a set of golf clubs that’s right for my body and swing. Buying a set of golf clubs is quite different to buying anything else. Say I was to buy myself a computer (something else I’m passionate about), I could compare the specs, and figure out what is going to be the best computer for my needs based on value for money. However, with a set of golf clubs, you can’t just choose what set you want, and compare prices across the board.

In the process of getting custom fitted, not only will they figure out what length the shafts need to be, but they will also discover what shape head for the irons you need, what driver will work best for you. They then choose a set based on your budget that will be the best for you.

Now, I’ve got to choose a store to buy my clubs from, as we’ll be telling people to buy me gift vouchers from there to give me some extra money for my clubs, or if it costs less – then that money that I’ve saved can either stay in savings, or go towards some golf lessons. But how do I choose which store to buy from?

There are three stores I’ve been considering – The Golf Box, Drummond Golf, and On Course (which are the pro shops on some courses). I went to Drummond yesterday and asked flat-out why I should buy from them. Drummond Golf seemed to have a really large range, which means that it’s more likely to find the best set of clubs for me. They also have the Drummond Club, which would give me a 5% discount – however it costs $35 to join. So unless I spend $701, I haven’t actually saved anything.

The Golf Box and On Course don’t have as large a range as Drummond, however, they don’t charge you to join their rewards club which also provides discounts (though doesn’t say how much the discounts are).

Club fitting at The Golf Box and Drummond Golf are essentially the same, they’ve got a practice net in the shop, you swing, they analyse your swing and choose the clubs that are best for you. Fitting at ON Course is slightly different. Some stores have the same technology as Golf Box, others use a more traditional method of club fitting. But the big difference is that they take you out on the driving range so that they can not only assess how you swing, but what happens to the ball in flight.  This will help ensure I get a set of clubs that will be great for my game.

Finally, my dad pointed out something that On Course provide that the other stores won’t – a relationship. We’ve already got a relationship with the guys at Marangaroo due to playing there regularly. They know the course that I will be playing on. Also, if I’m going to get lessons – they’re the same guys, the same team that fitted me for my clubs can be the same guys that teach me.

So I think I’ve made my decision. If you want to buy me a present for my birthday in April, a Gift Voucher from On Course Golf would be fantastic.

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Imagine having an app on your phone that would teleport you anywhere in the world. All of a sudden, just because a concert is only going to be on in one place in the world, doesn’t make it out of your reach. Or a sporting event. Or evacuating a natural disaster. I’m sure there are many people who were trapped in the path of Cyclone Yasi or Hurricane Katrina who would have loved to be able to teleport somewhere safe.

But where would I go for my first teleport? I don’t know. It’s tough. On one hand, I could use it to visit long-lost family, or go watch a Man United match. But I think what I would use it for would be to go watch the Proms.

Imagine how cool it would be. Not only would  I not have to pay for flights and accommodation, but I could still be working, here in Perth, for the two months that the Proms are on, and then transport myself over and catch an afternoon concert.

I guess the only real issue with that is the time zones. An 8pm concert in England would be a 3am start here. However, I guess I could head straight to sleep when I got home, wake up early, head over to england and watch the concert before heading to work. That might work well.

But think of the consequences. The airline industry would be out of business completely, as would effectively all transport modes. Why drive to work when you can teleport there? Every concert and sporting venue is now not only catering for a local market, but a world-wide market. Would every sports ground have to upgrade to have a capacity of 150 thousand or more? Would bands stop touring because they knew their fans could just teleport to where-ever they are?

I’m sure there are many benefits of teleporting, particularly getting traffic off the roads. But I’m not certain the positives of convenience outweigh the business world losses.

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If I had all the time in the world, I think that a great way to spend it would be watching sport. I love watching sport. And it doesn’t really matter what sport it is, I’ll watch it. I’ve watched Lawn Bowls, Golf, Cricket, Baseball, NFL, AFL, Rugby, Basketball, soccer, lacrosse, you name it, I’ve probably watched it. My wife doesn’t get it, but I’ll quite happily plonk down in front of the telly to watch Manchester United take on Liverpool. Or throw on some golf while I’m having my breakfast. I swear, One HD has been the best of the new channels added to Australian Free to Air TV.

But while I’ll watch any sport quite happily, there are a few big events that I try to make sure I see. The AFL grand final is certainly one. I missed last years grand final, due to being on my honeymoon but did manage to catch a replay of it the next day. And because it was a drawn grand final, we were able to watch the replay at home with a few friends.

The Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix is another that I try to watch if I can. Bathurst again is another. However, I don’t often get to see these now as they’re always held on the Sunday, and I have my priorities set right (I believe) and Church takes priority over sport.

The Hopman Cup and Australian Open are two tennis events in Summer that I will try to watch a bit of. I have fond memories from my high school days where we’d go on holidays to Albany, and I’d watch the tennis because Albany only had ABC and GWN, and there was never anything on GWN.

They’re the sporting events I look forward to. What about you?

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