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The joys of the internet

I love the internet. It has truly made a positive benefit to our lives.

For example, this weekend I was supposed to go to see James Morrison perform a tribute to Louis Armstrong with WASO. However, thanks to my knee surgery, there was no way I would be able to fit into my seat.

So my seat went to my sister, and then the next night I was able to watch the webcast thanks to iiNet. So I still got to listen to the concert (and have better vision than if I was there live).

The other thing I’ve really enjoyed doing on the internet has been streaming the live feed of the Formula 1 races. I enjoy watching these, while Liesl gets bored by them, so I can plug my earphones in and watch on my laptop, while liesl can watch whatever she wants.

TV on the internet has certainly come a long way, and there is now the possibility to watch anything from anywhere at a time that suits you.

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The show that makes me cry

Abyssinia, Henry
A scene from the episode "Abyssinia, Henry" - it's about here that the tears start to well up. (Image via Wikipedia)

I’m not exactly the toughest guy going around. That said, I’m not exactly the most sensitive new age guy. I see myself as kinda average – probably leaning slightly to the SNAG side, but only ever so slightly. I don’t cry often – though I did cry at the rehearsal for my wedding. That’s right – the rehearsal. It wasn’t even the real thing, she wasn’t in the dress yet when I saw her walking down I cried.

But anyway, this morning I was watching some episodes of M*A*S*H while doing my exercise. And it got to the episode where Radar is told that his Uncle has passed away, and he’s getting sent home. And I cried. I always cry in that episode. I also cry in the episode where Henry is sent home, but his plane gets shot down on his way there. And I’m certain that I’ll cry when I eventually get around to watching the final episode.

Yet, I’ll still watch this show, even though it makes me cry. Why? Because I love M*A*S*H. It’s an incredible show. It captures the entire gamut of emotions, and tackles some really tough issues – while at the same time, being incredibly light-hearted. For example, one episode I watched today that I had forgotten about, Margaret gets accused of being a communist, and is forced into a difficult position where she either gives up the names of her friends who also knew this alleged communist, or is subpoenaed to appear before the council where she will either clear her name – but lose all respect and privileges of rank – or be declared a communist as well. It sounds crazy, but these things actually happened.

There’s an episode that delves into the main characters dreams, in what provides a ghostly and chilling image that I’ll never forget – Hawkeye sitting in a boat, with no arms, unable to help the wounded soldier on the shore. But there’s also an episode that revolves around a boxing fight where they ether up the gloves of Trapper so that the 4077 can win the bout.

I think what makes M*A*S*H great – and other shows like it – is that over the course of the episodes, you get to really know the characters. You sympathise with them. You Empathise with them. Similar shows like this are Friends and Will and Grace. They invite you into their lives, and you feel a part of theirs.

So even though M*A*S*H will continue to make me cry sometimes, I will continue to watch it.

What’s some of your favourite TV shows, and why?

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Sherlock Holmes (r) and Dr. John B. Watson. Fr...
Image via Wikipedia

I’ve just finished watching an episode of Sherlock – the new series where the characters and world of Sherlock Holmes is thrust into the 21st century. I thought it was very good, a worthy adaptation, that will hopefully bring the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to a new audience.

I’m not particularly familiar with his stories, knowing only a few salient details that was picked up in this new series.

Firstly, the casting in this new series is excellent. Holmes is borderline genius/neurotic, which differs to the original where Holmes was slightly more gentlemanly. Secondly, in the episode I watched, “The Great Game” his violin playing which makes a brief appearance is shockingly bad. In the original stories, Holmes was a fine amateur player, who enjoyed attending concerts of Sarasate when available.
The character Watson has also undertaken an update, becoming Holmes’ blogger, a nice touch. He gets frustrated with Holmes’ lack of knowledge about basic things such as the solar system, yet is astounded about how he can connect the minutest of details.

The episode finished with a confrontation with Professor Moriarty, who had a strangely Irish lilt to his accent, and I couldn’t help thinking he was a crazed yet calm Irish bomber – though that could have something to do with the episode featuring a lot of bombs. The episode finished on the mother of all cliff-hangers – guns focussed on Holmes and Watson, Holmes’ gun focussed on an explosive vest at the feet of Moriarty. And some how, I don’t think I’m ever going to find out how they all got out of there alive.

I’ve got to wait until next year for the next episode, but the DVD is available next week, if it has more episodes, I might just buy it.

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