Religious Tolerance isn’t removing religion

There’s a lot of talk going around at the moment about “religious tolerance” or “freedom of religion.” There was the Bondi Public School who banned the word “Easter” being associated with their Easter Hat Parade because they were trying to promote tolerance. Then there’s the new Childcare laws that have been passed in Victoria that… Continue reading Religious Tolerance isn’t removing religion

Band I’d Love to see live

It’s late, and I need to post, so this will be a short one. The band I’d love to see live would be The Beatles. Not only did they form a lot of the “rules” of rock music that bands would come to live by for years to come, but they also broke those rules… Continue reading Band I’d Love to see live

The Daily Post #1: Countries

I’ve decided that I want to blog more often, so I’ve signed up to The Daily Post, to use their daily inspiration for some posts. Today’s inspiration is a question: What are the three countries you’d like to visit and why? England England is my first choice of where I’d like to go. First of… Continue reading The Daily Post #1: Countries