Orchestral Violin Practice Challenge: My goals for the next two years

One of the things I absolutely love about playing the violin is playing orchestral music. I love the variety of repertoire that it brings – from Bach Cantatas to Tchaikovsky Symphonies, Bizet’s suites, and modern, cutting edge compositions. Orchestral playing, and the violin practice that goes with it, is constantly interesting and challenging. When I… Continue reading Orchestral Violin Practice Challenge: My goals for the next two years

Wirrangintungiyil – Eric Avery

It’s NAIDOC week in Australia. During this week we celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture as a vital and important part of Australian culture. There is a strong culture of music in Aboriginal culture. In their beliefs, they talk about songlines. These are the paths across the sky and sometimes the land that mark… Continue reading Wirrangintungiyil – Eric Avery

Top Five Historical Violinists

There are many brilliant violinists around today, and tomorrow I will share with you my five favourite modern day violinists. But all of these violinists are built on the shoulders of the greats who came before them. The Romantic Period of Western art music (1830-1900) produced the greatest violin compositions. However, it is in the… Continue reading Top Five Historical Violinists

Me! – Taylor Swift cover

Me! – by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie – performed by two violins, piano, acoustic guitar, cajon, and tamborine. All instruments performed by Ben Clapton. ME! was written by Taylor Swift and Bendon Urie (From Panic! at the Disco), released on April 26, 2019. This arrangement is for two violins, one taking Taylor’s part, and… Continue reading Me! – Taylor Swift cover

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