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Golf weeks 4 and 5

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I forgot to write last week so I’m including it in this weeks post. I went to Hamersley Golf course and played 9 holes with my dad and uncle david (on my wife’s side – I have to say that because I also have an Uncle David on both my mum and my dad’s side). I shot a bit better than my last round – if you remember while I 2-putted every hole at Marangaroo, I didn’t hit a fairway off the tee. This round, I hit one third of them, a slight improvement, which saw me saving 4 strokes on my previous round, scoring 62. Consistency is still the big issue, sometimes I’ll hit it straight, other times it’s horrible. Hit a great drive on the 8th, however I pushed it and it ended up landing on the edge of the driving range. Had a shocker on the 9th, after hitting it behind the fence on the driving range (drop for recovery, no penalty), I missed the green, but shot a beautiful lob wedge at full swing to land just shy of the hole – an easy 1 putt to finish.

So that was last week. This week, I’m back at Wembley, on the driving range. One of the things I wanted to work on last week was my 3 iron from the fairway. There was a par 5 at Hamersley that while all my shots we straight, they had no distance on them. Ended up taking 3 or 4 3-iron shots before I was in range to use my 5-iron. So today I made sure to hit a good number of strokes from the grass with my 3 and 5 irons, and my 5 wood. They weren’t great, but there were a few good ones in there, so if I can just remember what I did for those when I get out on the course next week, I’ll hopefully be doing a bit better, and be able to save a few more shots.

Next week, I’m playing a round at Embleton golf course, a tight little 9 hole course of par 3’s and 4’s. Because of this, it has a par score of 32, as opposed to the usual 36. So for me to improve my score, I’m going to go up against my par score from Hamersley – plus 26, or a stroke score of 58. Embleton is a very different course than Hamersley or Marangaroo – no bush to speak of, the rough is actually very clear, so there shouldn’t be any lost balls… I hope…

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