A Busy month ahead

I’ve just been thinking about how much I’ve got on over the next month, and it’s incredibly busy. I’ll be at Church for only two of the Sunday Morning meetings, and possibly only one of the Sunday night meetings. I’ve got the Chrysalis retreat on between the 8th and 11th of September, which should be… Continue reading A Busy month ahead


Refreshing Water (image by Daniel Go on Flickr)

This topic suggestion, Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing, is from The Daily Post as part of the Post-a-day writing challenge. In our lives, there are certain areas that sometimes need refreshing. However, far too often, we will find ourselves caught up in the business – or busy-ness – of living, and won’t give time to refresh… Continue reading Refreshing

A-ha! So that’s the problem, now what’s the solution?

Ever since the Uniting Church had their website re-done back in 2008, they have had an Activity search in the top right hand corner. And it works great… mostly. There was one big problem – sometimes it wouldn’t return results that should be there. For example, if you type in “greenwood” it would return that… Continue reading A-ha! So that’s the problem, now what’s the solution?