Sunday Set List 14 August 2011

Last Sunday we held the first of a new style of meeting at my church. Normally the youth band play downstairs in a more relaxed youth-style meeting. This meeting, the youth band provided the music, while the Corps Officer preached and organised the meeting that was upstairs in our main worship hall. The whole aim of this service was to bridge the gap between the relaxed style of worship of our regular Youth Meetings, and the more “formal” style of the regular Sunday meeting.

In choosing songs for this meeting, with the message entitled “The Invention of Lying” and a general theme of Love, I picked a couple of newer songs, a couple of older songs that we often use in the morning meetings, and a couple of Youth Band regulars. I think I’ll try to stick to this mix to help encourage this mixing of the styles of worship.

Songs we used were:

  • One Day – Hillsong
  • Break Free – Hillsong
  • You are Good – Nathan Rowe
  • The Power of your Love
  • Hosanna – Hillsong
  • Jesus, lover of my Soul
  • Take it All – Hillsong

It was a great service, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else we can do in the rest of the year.

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Sunday Set List – 24 July

We had our youth meeting last night, and one of our young men, Stephen, preached on the topic “Create in me a clean heart”. Stephen also prepared the meeting lead, and he did an incredible job of putting together a fantastic service. Songs that we had this month:

  • Create in me a clean heart – Phil Laeger
  • Nothing but the blood
  • Men of Faith (Shout to the North) – Delirious?
  • Eagle’s Wings
  • I want dear lord a clean heart
  • O Happy Day (with Daena absolutely rocking out the solo)

It was a good service, and a nice set list. We’ve got the Divisional Youth Secretary coming next month, but before that we’re adding in a “Youth Style” meeting, that our corps officers will be running, but the youth band providing the music. That will happen on the second Sunday, so I’m looking forward to that.

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Dividing responsibility for success

I’ve recently taken over leadership of the youth band at church. Upon taking this up, the leader of the youth services (who just happens to be my wife) wanted to make very clear guidelines of what was expected of each of our positions. We decided that I would take care of the musical side of the youth services, rehearsing the band, choosing the songs etc. She would take care of preparing the meeting leads, leading the service and those sorts of things.
What we’ve found is that dividing that responsibility gives us the freedom to really focus on our areas, and do more with them than we could do if we had to do it all on our own.

Likewise, my manager recently started job-sharing with another person. While they’re still working it all out, they will divide up the tasks of one job, and divide it between the two of them, bringing their own strengths to each part. One will deal with the media, one will deal with more internal communications. One will deal with budgets, one will deal with writing. I think that this arrangement will allow them to focus on the areas that they work best in, and help lift the quality of output of our team higher than it has been before.

Dividing up your roles can give you freedom to focus on your strengths more, and help you improve the final result. How could you divide up your role(s) and what qualities would you be looking to add to give you the flexibility to work to your strengths?

What makes a worship song great?

Amazing Grace, First version, in "Olney H...
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I’ve recently been asked to lead the Youth Band at my church, and it’s got me thinking about songs. There are some songs that we sing in worship that absolutely touch the soul, while there are others that are neither here nor there.

For example, take a look at Amazing Grace. What an amazing song, a powerful testimony for everyone. Yet its composition is incredibly simple.

Where as the song “Yours Forever” by Hillsong is a rocking song musically – but do the lyrics move you?

As I choose songs for the Youth Band to learn, I’ll hopefully be able to choose a mixture of songs that are moving in both music and lyrics.

What is your favourite worship song, and why?

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Easter Camp 2010

Easter Camp 2010 Poster

Over the weekend, I had the amazing blessing of being a leader on the Salvation Army Easter Camp. Running from Thursday Night until Monday Morning, we had an awesome time having fun, learning about God, and making new friendships. The theme for the weekend was Torn, based on the part of the Gospel story that when Jesus died on the cross, the curtain of the temple that shielded the Holy of Holies was ripped in two from top to bottom. Continue reading “Easter Camp 2010”


fameI went to see Fame tonight, with a few friends. Despite having heard of some bad reviews, I really enjoyed it. Perhaps having not seen the original meant that I could enjoy this on its merits. There were a couple of parts of the movie that really stuck with me that I wanted to share.

Kevin, a dancer, knows at his audition that he’s going to get a job in a professional ballet company. However, despite working harder than any other dancer, he just doesn’t become the strong dancer that he needed to be. When the dance teacher declines his request for a letter of recommendation, he is distraught. And then, horror of all horrors, she goes on to suggest that he might become a wonderful teacher. *shudder* His life long hopes and dreams crushed, he goes down to the subway to catch a ride home, and comes very close to ending his life.

A bit later, Jenny is giving a speech on stage. I would have loved to find the text, but I can’t find it anywhere on the net yet. But she talks about how Success isn’t measured by fame, or money, but by love, and by waking up every morning and flying out the door because you’re so happy to be doing what you’re doing.

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New guitar

I’ve been getting into playing the guitar a lot recently. Since starting to play at the beginning of this year, I have found it hard to put down. I started off with an acoustic/electric that gave me the ability to learn the chords, play in church etc. When we started seriously considering a ska-themed service for December, I sought out an electric. Got a second-hand one from a friend, but the dodgy electrics meant that I couldn’t bring it to church without risking nasty interferance. After discovering I had a bit of money in my savings, I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a brand new electric. So I am now the proud owner of a candy-apple red fender squier standard. Also got some accessories such as leads, pedals and a multiple guitar stand for church, so I’m getting quite a setup now.

Big shoutouts to Billy Hyde Music, especially Tom who helped me out with replacing a number of items that were out of stock. I hope this new gear can help me to lead Floreat to a new area in worship, praising God in all his majesty.

Planning a revised direction starting in October, so keep tuned – you might get a little taste as we get closer. All I’m saying is that it will mean more posts with hopefully more interesting content.